How Many Middle aged men are really interested in fashion, or to put it bluntly

How many of us are bothered on how we look?


Well, I will take a guess and say not many us and there could be a thousand and one reasons why we men fail to take an interest in how we look.

Forgetting the sheer effort of dragging yourself and the shops, fighting the crowds and those small changing rooms that feel like you are changing in a box down to the young sales assistant that tend to be as young as your daughter which makes you feel embarrassed and highlights your age.

Then there’s the effort in matching colors and styles, skinny jeans, straight jeans, normal jeans.

How many types of jeans are there?

Now this all may seem the typical stereotypes that all men seem to be labeled with, which is a bit unfair.

Granted a lot of men fall into the above but there’s no reason why they should, I suppose in this day and age it tends to be your partner who out shines you when getting dressed up.

Next time you go out take some time and have a look at couples and see who has made the effort, and fellers that’s not an excuse to undress every woman you see, this is a bit of research.

I bet you will not be surprised by the result.

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So where do we start?

So Does Aging Mean That We Have To Give Up Looking Good?

No! But it does mean making some real effort in the clothing department as well as our face and skin.

Now the first thing – I no expert on this subject- I coming purely from a guy that has learned by experience, plus having a 17-year-old daughter and fashion conscious wife on the case has taught me to always keep style in mind when going out.

How To Dress At 50 Remember this great tip!

Quality, Not Quantity

If you are like me, I tend to have a number of different looks dependent on where I am going or doing.

Now this suits me down to the ground because I have always taken an interest as well some pride in how I look.

But there may be many of us who may just have one general look, so if you are one of those men then stick to it- nothing wrong with that. But now and change something, look at a different belt or shirt combination. Change the shoes.

So why go for quality over quantity?

The most important thing about style for men past the age of fifty is quality and neatness.

That’s not to say that you need to spend an absolute fortune on clothes, but it does mean having a few really good pair of trousers, good quality shirts, and two or three well-fitted jackets.  finding a few good pairs of trousers, well-fitted shirts and fall the tightest shirt-

Add to that a well-tailored suit and a selection of shoes and belts

For Example:

If you feel good in a blazer and jeans, then don’t ditch the look just because you’re getting a little older and a bit large around the middle.

Fitted, slim jeans in colors other than blue will always look sharp with a tailored blazer (avoid saggy “full cut” slacks and skinny jeans).

Tip: Where ever possible avoid flashy designs and loud colors. Stick to the pastel colors as well as your black or white.

Know your body shape

“Don’t wear your belly hanging over your trousers because you’ll look like your torso takes up two-thirds of your overall height. Bring balance to your silhouette by wearing your trousers on your waist rather than your hips.”

Now I know it’s difficult to not have an over hang, but try different brands of trousers, they all fit different.

Stick to structure

“Don’t buy big and baggy. Any tailoring you buy should be structured, as it will give you shape. A little structure in the shoulder of a blazer will keep your silhouette neat and clean.”

How To Dress At 50-Here are some gold rules not to be broken:

  • Skinny Jeans: Even if you’re skinny, you should avoid them. We’re older, and older men just look daft in them- DO NOT BUY THEM.
  • Logo/Graphic T-shirts: After age fifty, anything emblazoned across your chest looks cheap and desperate — DO NOT BUY THEM.
  • Hoodies: You must be joking! DO NOT BUY THEM
  • Long Hair: If you’re losing your hair, any style that’s more than 1/2 inch long is a big NO. Yes, I said it. KEEP IT SHORT NEAT AND TIDY. If you totally grey like I am short is the best idea-TRUST ME.
  • Wearing a Ponytail: If you still have your hair, anything that ties in the back should not even be an option (unless you own a yacht or produce pornos, in which case, go for it).
  • Blue Jeans and Running Shoes: DO NOT WEAR THEM TOGETHER. Running shoes are for running and wearing jeans, choose a nice pair of casual shoes, wear grown-up shoes.

How To Dress at 50-Internet against the high street.

Spending a Saturday on the high street for most men is our worst nightmare.I must I know shopping for most men is things of nightmares  not high on our list of

If you are like me, my Saturday is the only real time that I get to do things that I want to do-ME TIME.

Now I must admit that the prospect of hitting the high street may not fill you will joy so hit the internet.

For men the internet is a perfect place to start to look for a new image or just to freshen things up.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge growth in new online companies offering advice and services for men of all ages on how to dress and to improve their appearance.

The Daily Telegraph has put together a list of the best companies for 2017.  The 30 best men’s fashion websites

On the web again there has been an explosion of “styling experts”.

Basically, you sign up to their services by answering a whole range of questions about yourself.  age, height, weight, whats your tastes in clothes plus a few more life style questions.

From there they will send you a box every month containing a selection of clothes based on your answers- you keep what you want and send the rest back. On most sites, there is a monthly subscription.

To help you I have put together a list of the top 5:

  1. The Chapper
  2. Thread
  3. My Dapperbox
  4. The ideal man
  5. Encloth

So, guys, there should no reason why you do not take an interest in how you look.

It just takes a bit of effort and a bit of help from your partner- so try something different- and make the changes.

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