Talking out loud to yourself in public is seen as an embarrassing trait.

Such is our awkwardness about speaking out loud that it’s often cited that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, as long as you don’t disturb others, don’t shy or scared away from the occasional mumble or groan.Talking to yourself

In fact, it may be of help to you. According to a 2012 study published in the Quarterly Journal for Experimental Psychology, talking to yourself can boost cognitive ability.

As we get older we are supposed to be wiser, quite possibly true- but we all at some point in a day need start to talk to the little man or women that sit on our shoulder.

I am not ashamed to say that I do it most days. And it can be in the strangest places or odd situations, I don’t feel embarrassed it just park of how I keep myself motivated.

Question – How many of us do regular exercise? That can be the gym, running even taking the dog for a walk is deemed as exercise- then how many of us have pushed for that extra rep or set-up or run a few extra yards or even an extra mile or walked a bit further with the dog simply because of this voice within us telling us to keep going for whatever reason. That’s what I mean by talking out loud to yourself can have a real positive impact on every day.

Take any office or workplace situation on any given day and I bet you will hear people talking or muttering to themselves – it could be an impending deadline or it could be walking through an important presentation, you may even see body movement as part of the process, it’s a bit like watching an athlete going through a routine at the Olympics –

Are they bothered what people may think of them? Do they heck, all they are concerned with is doing the best they can in their event to get a medal and it shouldn’t be any different to us mortals – If talking to yourself gives you confidence or motivation then carry on doing it.

So if you have an important presentation coming up, give yourself some encouragement out loud. When you have an impending deadline, talking yourself through the task at hand could help you improve focus and block out distractions. But for this to really work and help you, you need to speak to yourself with the “you” pronoun rather than “I.”

Talking out loud

A question was placed on Quora and it had 7 answers back – if you get five minutes have a visit to the site, it’s quite interesting to read why people feel the need to talk to themselves.

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Talking out loud to yourself draws you to find a solution.

It’s already a cliche: crazy people talk to themselves… but not only them. “I’m perfectly normal, the voices told me” is just a good joke and remains only that.

In fact, talking to your inner voice is a really simple way of debating your own ideas and thoughts. Take this as an example – Most of us have bought a flat pack piece of furniture if you haven’t then you are very lucky!

Picture the situation-

Box open on the floor a million and one pieces laid out and instructions that would test even Prof Brian Cox.

We see the finished piece of furniture in the instructions and we mutter to ourselves how on earth can that be right as we try to assemble based on the instructions, and as time goes by we become more frustrated and start further mutterings and talk even more out loud cursing on how some idiot came to design this, but at the end we get the piece made up.

We have all the voice inside your head it’s just a way to debate your own ideas, to clear your thoughts, thus getting you closer to making a choice or to draw a conclusion.

As researchers proved it, talking to yourself increases the performance of your brain; it doesn’t make you insane but focused. It still doesn’t make Ikea flat pack any easier!

It helps you set a goal a strategy to accomplish the goal. So start talking to yourself, you have a choice to make!

Talking out loud to yourself is a real motivator to getting the job done

Last year, two psychologists published in the European Journal of Social Psychology a study on the inner speech that found that talking to you ( not “I”) also matters, as second-person self-talk (as psychologist call the act of talking to yourself) is more motivational than first-person self-talk.

Previous studies over the last 5 years have also found that self-talk can motivate you and help you accomplished a difficult task at work.

So whatever situation you find yourself in at work whether it be as an owner or employee, encourage people to use their inner voice as a way of developing ideas or finding a solution to a tricky situation.

“You can do it. Go for it!” and other motivational mantras said to yourself out loud are a strong impetus on the way to your objective.

So it stands to reason that people with a more positive attitude to work are more likely to be more successful and if talking themselves helps in this process then it’s a “win – win” situation.

You can learn faster while talking out loud to yourself

Remember when we are little kids, we had to listen to the voices of others in order to learn how to speak. We can all remember our favourite teacher or our least favourite one, teaching us, but when we grow up, it’s our own voice that we hear that allows us to learn new skills and develop within or to learn faster.

Our mental and vocal self-talk is essential in learning, as researchers have found that talking to yourself is an amazing stimulus for the brain.

The more you talk to yourself, the smarter you will be.

Moreover, self-talk increases your attention, which allows you to concentrate regardless what noises are around you. And a study showed that if you tell yourself where you put an object, you will remember easier where you put it.

Talking out loud to yourself shows inner richness

If one’s mind is poor, what is there to talk about?

When we watch TV and really get involved in the program, it could be drama, a news program or historical documentary we start to form pictures in our minds and we start to talk through those images.

Creative thinking has been born from all sorts of situations, watching a TV program, going to a lecture or visiting a museum, we create ideas in our minds, and before we know it we start to talk out load.

In your head you may have some great ideas but are struggling to make sense of them, so part of this process is that we tend to talk to our inner voice, we share ideas with him or her, we bounce ideas around inside our head and eventually we may be able to put them down on paper.

In this regard, talking to yourself might help you in organising your thoughts, in finding the best idea for something you want to do. If you talk to yourself, each phase of the decision-making process will become easier.

Become Your Own Therapist

How many times have we all been rushing around in day to day life just trying to get the day done?

We all know that we only have 24 hours in a day and we all tell ourselves to slow down- Uhm! Heard that one before it’s very easy to say but how many of us listen to our own advice? – Not many of I guess.

But if we believe that our inner voice is almost like our safety valve, it’s a voice of reason then why do we seem to ignore it or at least listen to reason?

People Who Talk To Themselves Aren’t Crazy, They’re Actually Geniuses

When you are nervous, angry, stressed or disappointed, hearing your own voice telling you of your problems spoken out loud can always calm you down.

Good therapy aims at removing stress or anger and other negative feelings. Therefore it seems logical that our inner voice can become our therapist, put this way, no one could be more interested in your wellness and state of mind than yourself!

It’s like having your own therapist on call 24/7.

So next time someone looks at you awkwardly as you debate your life with yourself remember this article & smile like you know something they don’t: you might be a genius! – or at least a more productive & balanced person.

Conclusion: Benefits of Talking Out Loud.

I sat down I thought what for me personally are the benefits of self-talk, it’s not a complete list but it’s personal to me, if anyone has any other benefits not on my list please let me know.

  • A great self-motivational tool and helps to boost your self-esteem.
  • Become your number one fan. Know your strengths and compliment yourself frequently.
  • When something seems impossible, repeatedly tell yourself you can.
  • When depressed or feel the blues coming on, give yourself a pep talk.
  • Set goals and repeatedly tell yourself you will achieve them.
  • Talk out a problem and you’d be amazed at how quickly you will arrive at a solution.
  • Very good at improving memory.

Reading aloud helps with proper pronunciation and articulation; helps to pick up errors quicker.

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