How many men have had the idea or notion of starting to grow a beard?

How many of us have started and have given up for various reasons?

Or have a beard and need some advice on how to maintain it or have you been wanting to gain control over it to tame it a little?

You probably know only too well that there is a very fine line between looking cool and stylish and looking like an unkempt tramp.

How many of us have decided to grow a beard and have just let nature take its course?

With no real idea on how to take care of your beard, you just assume that just avoiding shaving, and applying no natural products, your beard will look perfect.

And that’s where men go wrong.

Yes, you do have to be patient and let your beard grow out before you can start grooming it and styling it the way you want.

But, you still need to do more work than just avoiding the use of a razor or electric shaver.

Men assume that grooming a beard is all about the actual shaping and trimming on the beard.

But that is only part of the process.

Using the right products on your beard to help it look, feel and be as healthy as it can be is just as important.

So where do you start and what products do you need to buy?

If you want to grow a really great beard you need to buy these top 5 products.

  • Beard Balm
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Oil
  • Moisturizer for facial hair with a beard shampoo.
  • Cleanser with an Organic beard shampoo

Beard Balm

Just to give you a few quick tips on what to look for when buying a Beard Balm.

  • What type of “hold” does the balm have?
  • Brands with a heavy concentration of beeswax rank higher on the hold spectrum.
  • Choose one with all-natural ingredients.
  • Check the oils – jojoba, grapeseed, and argan is among the best.
  • The best beard balms have natural butters such as shea butter and cocoa butter.
  • Butter locks the moisture in and makes your balm easier to spread across your beard.

The Importance of Beard Balm

Of all the beard grooming supplies that you need to maintain a quality looking and feeling beard, the beard balm could have the biggest positive impact.

The beard balm helps to provide the facial hair the nourishment it needs to grow healthy while reducing the discomfort that can be associated with the early stages of facial hair development.

Applying the beard balm will help to keep the hair soft while working to reduce that itchy discomfort that can affect the skin under the beard.

Other Key features of using a beard balm.

  • Make sure you coat every hair in order to enjoy the maximum results.
  • Similar to a leave-in moisturizer for your hair, the beard balm will remain working long after you apply it.
  • Beard balm also has exceptional hydration properties.
  • Keeping the hair hydrated is important for growth and for ensuring the overall appearance of your beard.

How To Apply and When?

  • Simply rub some of the beard balms between your fingers and apply generously over the entire beard.
  • Remember one thing; a small amount of the beard balm will go a long way, so continue massaging the balm deep into the beard and the skin below
  • The best time to apply the beard balm is after you shower or anytime that the facial hair is damp


Recommended Product

Beard Balm for Men 

Customer Reviews – From Amazon.



Nice product with a pleasant smell. Medium hold that makes your whiskers feel stronger and fuller an hour or so after application. I usually apply it after a shower when my beard is a little wet/damp. Just put the desired amount into damp hands and massage it into your whiskers. If you’re looking for superior hold this may not be what you’re looking for. Although I only use a little (about the size of a couple peas worth) perhaps if you were to put much more in it may hold better. Still nice.

I’ve tried so many of the top balms and this one has blown the others out of the water! It takes a little longer to liquefy but that’s the only complaint and who cares. I find I use about half the amount I’ve been using with the others. It deeply conditions, without making it oily. It softens the beard and gives a nice hold. It makes your beard look healthier and much thicker. It has a great, light, pleasant scent.


I love the way the product affects my beard. Takes it from the beastly look, and tames it to a well-groomed beard. Rarely a day goes by I don’t receive a compliment on it. Absolutely the products are the reason!


Fantastic results when using this product for only a few days. I see the difference right from the first time used.


Protecting Your Skin with Beard Oil

So, what does beard oil do?

The beard oil is an essential grooming product that helps to support and grow all different types of facial hair.

This product is usually developed with essential oil that can be produced with a variety of fragrances.

Go Organic

It is so important to go with an organic beard oil. Facial hair is far coarser than the hair on your head.

Facial hair benefits greatly from pure ingredients that will allow you to groom and keep up the look you prefer.

The beard oil will allow you to have a well-groomed and shaped look that looks great while enjoying a more comfortable feeling beard.

Beard oil also has another name- beard conditioner and for a very good reason.

The beard oil serves double duty as it:

  • Moisturizes the facial hair
  • Soothes the skin beneath.

As you use the oil it is evenly distributed with your beard comb, and it naturally works its way down the hair shaft to the follicles, and then on to the skin below where it helps to reduce itching.

What is Beard–Ruff?

Beard-ruff is a form of dandruff and the beard oil combats the symptoms associated with those itchy little flakes.

Introducing the beard oil into your nightly routine will significantly reduce the appearance of those embarrassing white flakes in the beard.

Beard oil and fragrance.

The majority of the beard oils do come with fragrances and it is advisable you choose one that has a scent you enjoy because unlike the hair on your head, the facial hair is directly under your nose and you will occasionally you smell the oil.


Recommended Beard Oil:

Beard Oil, Forest™ Blend, All Natural

Customer Review – From Amazon.

For Christmas, I will be Santa Clause.
on 9 September 2017
Having been cleanly shaven through my entire Army career I finally decided that I was going to succumb to the constant face hair growth. My main reason for buying the oil was to try and reduce the itch.
The oil smells lovely, with pleasant but not strong undertones of the oils being used.
So far I have noticed that the condition, look and feel of the beard is great and the itchiness has reduced but I’m only at two weeks growth.
I also rely on Aromatherapy in the treatment of a medical condition and this does the job well.
Great product, fantastic smell, good feel and highly recommended.

You Need A High-Quality Beard Comb

Using a Quality Beard Comb

When it comes to using a beard comb, it’s not like combing your hair.

A beard comb does the following:

  • First reduces tangles and knots that can easily develop in the facial hair.
  • Secondly, it designed to distribute evenly your beard oil and balm into all the hairs on your face.
  • And thirdly a comb helps to ensure you do not miss any areas of the beard that you would if you were only using your fingers to spread the oils.

Beard combs are all different, for specific types of facial hair.

Then you need to consider the material of the beard comb and whether it has wide or fine teeth.

To make this easier, the first thing you should consider is the teeth in the beard comb.

For men with long beards, always buy a beard comb with wide teeth to help clear out those tangles and knots.

Again for men with fine hair beards, buy a comb with fine teeth to help shape and maintain your facial hair.

Most beard combs are manufactured in

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Or even bone.

A couple of things to remember:

  • The better quality the material of the comb is designed for longer beards that are difficult to manage.
  • Smaller plastic combs work perfectly on those beards with shorter fine hair.

Whichever beard comb you choose, it is important to understand that a beard comb does much more than simply style your beard.

Recommended Beard Comb:  

GrowABeard-Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men

Product Reviews From Amazon.

Nice product & good service.
on 25 June 2017 – Published on
Verified Purchase
5.0 out of 5 starsLove em.
on 27 August 2017 – Published on
Verified Purchase

Product Reviews From Amazon.

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